Markets & Solutions

Markets & Solutions


  • Tax & revenue applications ,Budget and control solutions
  • Mobile eGov
  • Document management

Development of applications and integrated solutions for information analysis, fraud investigation and crime analysis, inspection activity and for the monitoring and detection of risk behaviours.Implementation of BI solutions integrated with visual analysis tools.

  • BYOD & Mobile Security
  • Security Assessment & Penetration Test
  • Risk Analysis & Business
  • Physical security and video surveillance
  • Mobile ready: Personal, portable and secure applications
  • Authentication, signature, cryptografy and security management
  • Enterprise single sign-on
  • Card-reader and related Sw technologies and solutions

Banks & Finance

Financial instrument to manage trading and post-trading processes with a complete front-to-back, cross-business, cross-asset, multi-channel, multi-browser, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-entity solution.

  • Payment Networks
  • Capital Markets & Treasury
  • Credit Management
  • Cashless Solutions
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Payments

Industry & Retail

  • Retail solutions :Sales, Operations, Logistcs
  • ERP Solutions
  • Document management

Others markets

  • Airport and Port solutions
  • Cultural heritage experience : avatar , augmented reality ,3D
  • Health care
  • Environment and territory management

Cross solutions

  • ERP
  • HR consulting,project implementation and Application management
  • Document management
  • Mobile solutions