Soft lab Business Solutions has provided consulting services to select and deploy the ERP solution for Food Style Trading. Food Style Trading is a qatari company specialized in the production and distribution of Italian food’s excellences, levaraging on professional experience and industry know-how of the Italian agri-food sector. Food Style started in Qatar the first production of handmade mozzarella di bufala and burrata, which will be delivered fresh daily to the market. SBS combines culture, competence, proactivity with Industry and vertical markets core processes knowledge to achieve excellence on new technology services and solutions tailored to help Customers in reaching their business goals. “We are really proud to support a Company like Food Style, actually one of the best producer and trader in food & beverage industry here in Qatar” stated Augusto Coriglioni, General Manager at SBS.

Soft lab Business Solutions at Microsoft Dynamics 365 First look event.

SBS Executives attended the sessions according to the Company strategy to support Clients in growing, evolving and transforming. SBS aims to unifiy ERP and CRM functionalities to meet customer needs and support their business growth.

Doha January the 23rd 2017

Soft lab Business Solutions (SBS) has signed a commercial agreement with :


Retail Reply

Customer-centric digital transformation

Sideup Reply


Avvio Reply

A leading creative agency linking physical and digital communication

The Companies will jointly develop the retail and logistics market in Qatar.
The Reply Group Companies – Retail Reply,Sideup Reply,Avvio – will provide world class solutions and services and SBS will provide marketing, local support and system integration.

International Security Conference

for the Financial Sector


Cyberdefense Summit

SBS will sponsor the 9th Cyber Defence Summit


Doha October 10-11 2016

Sofl lab Business Solutions , bronze sponsor at Cyberdefence Summit , has presented applications and solutions to manage the cyber space, to prevent threats and the support business. SBS had meetings with Government bodies,Banks and Corporations .

June 2016

SBS attends Reply XCHANGE 2016


October 2016

SBS will sponsor the 9th Cyber Defence Summit